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Gastronomia - Warsaw events, the best events in Warsaw - The Akademia Restaurant

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Warsaw events, the best events in Warsaw - The Akademia Restaurant

Dodano 15 kwi 2019, 12:23

Lokalizacja: Warszawa - Mokotów, Różana 2, 02-548 Warszawa
Dane kontaktowe:
Osoba do kontaktu:Akademia Restaurant
Nazwa firmy:Akademia Restaurant
Telefon komórkowy:784-902-902
Adres email:
Strona www:

Treść ogłoszenia:

The organization of events in Warsaw is one of our specialties, and at the same time a passion that we use to help you organize your dream party. Akademia Restaurant is an ideal place to celebrate important events and moments that you would like to spend among people close to you. Our knowledge and experience in this area will make a celebration meet all your needs.

Despite appearances, the organization of events in Warsaw is not a simple undertaking, which is why many of you opt for comprehensive and professional solutions that we can offer you. Each event has a completely different character, that's why our service will take care of the right atmosphere during the event. We are flexible and open to your suggestions.
We prepare each event based on your expectations.

There is place for 60 people in our restaurant, so if you care for a professionally prepared party, nice atmosphere and dishes prepared by chefs with enormous skills and heart for cooking, choose Akademia. The organization of events has no secrets for us.
We are creative and we will help you make your day special. Together, we will create a special menu to please you and your guests.

We welcome to the Akademia Restaurant!

Mobile number: 784902902


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